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11 Replies to “20 Photos to Inspire a Visit to Berlin to learn about its History”

  1. I wish you had explained these photographs. I imagine several of these photos have to do with the Second World War.

    1. This is a good point. I may well look into doing this so they read better. As I’ve been there, I understand them, but for someone who hasn’t it would be useful.

  2. I haven’t thought of visiting Berlin at all but these pictures are making me think of looking into visiting. Really nice blog.

    1. It’s an amazing city! Well, we’ll worth a visit. I want to go back because we didn’t cover it all.

  3. I’m loving all of these photos! I visited Berlin about 10 years ago but it’s clear that I definitely need to go back soon! 🙂

    1. It’s still somewhere that I really want to go back to! There’s so much more that we didn’t even cover!

  4. We visited Berlin a few years ago. Such a beautiful city. Thank you for sharing your pictures!

    1. It’s an amazing city. I loved it a lot more than I expected to!

  5. Berlin is an amazing city … one of our favorites in the world in fact. And as your photos so wonderfully illustrate, it is a city that places high importance on remembering its past and celebrating its present. Nicely done.

  6. Definitely alot of history in this city.

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