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12 Replies to “5 Facts No One Tells You About The Northern Lights”

  1. These photos are so fabulous. The tips are great. Hopefully one day I will need to use them.

    1. They’re amazing aren’t they! Thanks, I hope you get to see them too!

  2. So interesting! I never knew that the naked eye can’t make out all of the range of colors at times. Great read!

    1. Thanks. Neither did we until we were stood in a field looking at what we thought was a cloud. Was very embarrassing!

  3. I had no idea they were so tricky to catch! It has always been a dream of mine to see them one day, but you would think from all of the beautiful pictures out there that they’re easy to stumble upon if you’re in the right location! Updating my bucket list to read something more like “see the northern lights but also research proper camera equipment and very warm gear before going” haha. great read!

    1. Oh no! Nothing about them is easy! They appear only when they fancy it.
      Like the update, good luck!

  4. we saw them in Iceland a few years ago! We also made the camera mistake but luckily we were on a tour that took photos and posted them on their Facebook page so I could save those ones! haha

    1. You laughed at my photo didn’t you! I wish we had that luxury.

  5. I agree that they’re elusive! I’ve been waiting for these auroras every night here in Manitoba, but I’ve never seen them. Haha.

    1. Have they appeared yet?

  6. Wow! Never would have thought! I definitely would love to see the northern lights but I will put more research into it before I go that’s for sure.

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