About Me

I'm Verity.

I have been chased by a giant mechanical elephant in France, seen Usain Bolt break world records in Beijing and been proposed to on a rooftop in Iceland.

I started this blog mainly as a way of keeping family and friends updated while I travelled Europe for three months in a motor home with my partner in the summer of 2015. We had a real fuck it moment when we finished university, bought an Adria Twin Motorhome and disappeared.

We travelled majorly on a budget, didn't really eat out and tried to stay away for as long as our money would let us. 15 countries, 7,000 miles and 3 months later we returned home, sold the van and started full time jobs.

Every time I get a chance I book a flight, or jump in the car and explore somewhere new. I love travelling and now when I visit somewhere new, I write a new post in the hope that it might inspire or help someone else with their own travelling. Blogs are amazing tools for personal recommendations and tips for planning trips so feel free to come along for the ride.

Alongside travelling, I also like doing random creative things like learning how to make my own jewellery with an amazing trained silversmith or playing/making a complete mess with a pottery wheel. At home, I have two rescue house bunnies, a Netherland Dwarf called Ollie and a mini lop called Lola. Last year I even challenged myself to the National Three Peaks Challenge followed by the Yorkshire Three Peaks this year.

I have now visited 27 countries which is 10% of the world and I can't wait to see the rest.

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Enough About Me!

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