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Day 42 – Ljubljana The heavens decided to open last night and it rained… continually… all night! When the alarm went off this morning, we grouched out of bed to get back on the road to pick up Andy at Ljubljana Airport at 10:40am. As the weather was still a bit rubbish there were some […]

Phentermine 15Mg Results

Day 38 – Driving to Croatia One place that was definitely on our list was Croatia. Or more specifically the Plitvice National Park. When Jack and I had gone to Outlook in Croatia the year before, we were gutted we couldn’t explore more of the country. Having spent one day in Pula, the nearest city […]

Order Phentermine 37.5 From Mexico

Day 36 – Budapest We had our breakfast with all of the window open looking out onto the river. Nothing like a good cheap location. We have also arrived in Budapest just in time for the Red Bull air race world challenge, so we’re hoping that our location, about 100m from the last timing cones, […]

Buy 15 Mg Phentermine

Day 34 – Krakow After our two little day trips around Krakow, we decided we should probably go into the actual town itself. We had unfortunately said RIP to our selfie stick that morning which then made us rely on other people for our pictures of us. Neither of us take many pictures normally, but […]

Buy Adipex Online Legally

Day 31 – Travelling We were sad to leave our little car park but it was definitely time for something a little nicer, preferably with showers and a toilet. Plus we really needed to do some washing. Our new campsite in Krakow is kracking! We have wifi, hot showers, free washing machine facilities and a […]

Phentermine Cash On Delivery

Day 29 – Warsaw For our first day in Warsaw we decided to go to the Warsaw Uprising Museum and Pawiak Prison. The Warsaw Uprising started on the 1st of August 1944 and was the largest resistance movement against the Nazi’s during World War 2. This museum takes you through what happened during those 63 […]

Buy Phentermine Safely Online

Day 27 – Druskinikai It was then time to leave the family to enjoy the rest of their holiday by the beach. We headed off towards Druskinikai, one of the smaller towns in Lithuania which is known as a rehabilitation town for anyone recovering from anything. It’s basically filled with expensive spas, long walks and […]