Berchtesgaden National Park, Germany & Innsbruck, Austria. – Europe Road Trip

Day 54 – Berchtesgaden National Park

We had breakfast, made lunch and packed lots of water figuring we’d need it and headed up on our trek. Most normal people were getting in the jennerbahn, aka the cable car, but being as skint as we are, we thought we’d hike up to the first level at 1,200m. When we left the van our thermometer read 34 degrees and I don’t recommend you vertically hike up the medium climb route on a mountain in 34 degrees. The total climb was about 10km and it just got hotter as the day passed. We made it to the top, both drenched, feeling very proud of ourselves. Both of us feel like we’ve got much fitter just through the general walking we’ve done. In the first few weeks we both ached every day and it was a struggle to walk around the town. Now we’re absolutely fine, but apparently hiking up a mountain is a different kind of fitness! Even our day at Plitvice national park where we walked for 15km didn’t prepare us for this. It was a good laugh, we ate our lunch at the top looking out over the incredible view and then braved the walk back down. Down wasn’t as bad as up but was still hard work.


Day 55 – Outskirts of Innsbruck

Our parking ticket ran out at 7am, so we hauled ourselves out of bed and attempted to get our legs working again in order to pack up the van and leave. This time we definitely we’re going to Innsbruck having longed out our Austria visit for as long as our vignette would allow us. We managed to find a cheap campsite just outside Innsbruck which allowed us to have a proper shower as the van wasn’t quite cutting it! We had hiked too high up a mountain and there were too many layers of sweat and suncream.

We arrived and set up, both had showers and then sat down to have lunch. It’s now so warm overnight that neither of us are sleeping properly, topped off by our early wake up and still aching from our hike we ended up having a lazy day in the campsite. I did walk to the bus stop to look at times, but just came back again. One thing I haven’t mentioned is that there’s been a thunderstorm every night since we left Traunsee and tonight was no exception.

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