Best Free Apps for Travelling

Best Free Apps for Travelling

Technology has definitely made travelling much easier! I don't actually know how we would get by without it. When you're travelling you don't want (or now need) to carry round a lot of things; there are lots of tips and tricks you can use but here are just some of the best free apps for travelling that we take full advantage of:

Boarding Passes

​Just download the app of the airline you’re flying, search your flight code and download your boarding pass! You can then add it to your phone’s wallet/passbook/keyring so that it’s easily accessible. No more searching for that bit of paper that you screwed up and filed somewhere safe that you now can’t find. No more searching for a internet cafe where you can print off your boarding pass.

Extra tip: Make sure you also allow the push notifications, this way your phone will automatically update you on whether your plane is delayed and some will even tell you which gate to go to once it’s been announced.


Air B&B

Making booking and viewing places to stay very easy and is accessible via an app. Download the app, create an account and book away. You get to read people’s honest opinions about the places you’re going to, most of which are very helpful. The best thing about Air B&B for me is that you have access to a local who, more often than not, give you awesome tips on where to go, what to do and what to eat while you’re there. You can save all of the information on your booked trip to your phone’s wallet/passbook/keyring meaning that you don’t have to always have access to the internet to find out the information.
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Download the app, tell it where you’re going and a driver then accepts your job. You can see the name of the driver, their reg number and make/model of their car. It also tells you how far away your driver is from picking you up. When you’re dropped at your destination the cost of the trip automatically gets taken from your card so you don’t even have to carry cash. You can then review your driver and they can review you. The higher your rating, the more Ubers you will have available to you when you try and book.
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Google Translate

This is one of the best free apps for travelling if you’re in a country with a different language. You can either type in or say what you want to translate, or the new app allows you to view through the camera which translates the text as you move the camera.


This one is a no brainer. You can add all of your important files into Dropbox and you can access everything you need from the app. Take photos of your passport, your driving licence and save those too. Chose to save offline things you need to access the most so you don’t always need access to the internet. When you’re connected to Wifi you can also automatically upload your photos to Dropbox as a backup. To sign up for your very own Dropbox, click here.
If you were unfortunate enough to lose your phone or belongings, you’ve got everything backed up to Dropbox which you can access online or on the app.

Cloud Storage

A good cheat for pictures is Facebook. Create a private album and back up all your photos as you travel so that you can keep your phone storage, but keep your photos safe!
Not quite an app, but you can get others alongside Dropbox, I also have a Storage Plan with iCloud which backs up everything on my phone.

Trip Advisor

Using Trip Advisor has two great benefits, restaurants and things to do. I hate going to a restaurant and paying for food that’s really disappointing! Always do your research on where you’re going to go. Often in busy cities, if you book ahead they will save you the best table.
You can also download offline city maps. If you save all of the things you want to do offline, you can then use the map feature to plot the best route to get everything done.


If you’re a big reader like I am when you’re away, I will always have a decent number of books saved on my Kindle app. Kindle Unlimited is great for holidays as well, sign up for a month and you’ll definitely save money if you read anything near the amount of books as me! Personally, I don’t see the point in having a separate Kindle when the app does just the same thing.

Google Maps

If you’re road tripping like we did through Croatia or Europe Google Maps is the go to. You can now download full offline areas; something we wish we had access to while we were on our Europe Road Trip! If you do have access to internet it will also update you on the traffic.


You can search for locations and see what other people are seeing and doing and taking pictures of. If you didn’t Instagram your holiday, did you even go?
Make sure you check out my Instagram while you’re at it!

Have I missed any of your best free apps for travelling? Let me know in the comments below!


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