Best Tool for University – Grades Tracker – Use it!

While at university, the best tool I found for tracking my grades was a website called Grades Tracker and it’s completely free. Just trust me and use it!

Grades Tracker

Why you should use Grades Tracker.

You can enter all of your modules and assignments along with your target grade and it will predict what you need in your remaining assignments to achieve your target grade. It’s so easy and so simple to use.

Grades Tracker

Once you’ve entered all of your modules with their assignments you can go back to the year page and see how you’re doing overall. Grades Tracker helped me stay on track and I found it motivated me to push forward and achieve my first class degree. On bad days when I received bad grades it also kept me calm as I could see what effect it had on my overall grade, alongside showing me exactly what grade I needed to get a decent overall grade.

Grades Tracker

Find out where I was when I picked up my results!

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