Hamburg & Berlin, Germany. – Europe Road Trip

Day 9 – Hamburg

We moved the van as planned and wandered to the old docks. The whole of Hamburg is basically one big dock, but this older section is quite beautiful. As Lidl didn’t have any nice looking bread the night before, we even treated ourselves to lunch followed by an ice cream!


033-SAM_0416Then we were in for a packed day, we got a cable car up a mountain, watched a football match at the Imtec arena, went to a funfair, saw a rocket take off, stumbled across a murder scene, saw Superman save a car falling off a cliff, watched the planes at the airport, attended a music concert, went to a conference on World Domination and even visited the Lindt chocolate factory!


Also known as we visited Minitur Wunderland. It was probably the funniest and most random part of our trip so far.

After all that excitement we went for a stroll around Hamburg and visited the town hall.


We then decided to move onto a campsite and cut our second day in Hamburg. When we arrived at the campsite we got shouted at by more Germans for parking in the space we were told to park in, which quickly made us decide Hamburg was not the place for us. The view we had from our van was beautiful again and we watched the sunset across the river.


Day 10 – Journey to Berlin

After emptying our toilet, filling up our water and getting stuck in a major caravan and motorhome traffic jam around a roundabout we were on the road again.

Germany is such a large country and is incredibly eco-friendly. We have passed entire fields of solar panels and wind turbines along the whole of our route.


We arrived in Berlin and have decided to make the most of a slightly longer planned visit in one city. This has involved us paying to park the van in a secured car park with lots of other motorhomes which is walking distance to the city centre. After we set up the van, we wandered into town to the McDonalds to get some free Wi-Fi. It also turns out that the Berlin wall runs right round our campsite, which is quite scary, but also means that we have some pretty cool mural parts right outside our doors. Our list of things to do in Berlin is growing quite rapidly.


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