Essential European Driving Holidays!

Wolfgangsee Lake

I love a good road trip! If you need anymore inspiration, check out some of the most essential European driving holidays that have definitely made it onto our list. There’s options from single day to multiple days trips and one even includes a trip through the beautiful Gorge du Verdon.

Having access to your own car gives you a huge amount of freedom that you just don’t get with other types of holidays. On our Europe Road Trip we chanced upon Wolfgangsee lake just by driving past it when our chins hit the floor and we then stayed there for two days.

We also met people along our route who recommended us places that we just added to our itinerary because we had the freedom to do so!

The same thing happened on our Croatian Road Trip where we were told that we HAD to island hop to Dugi Otok, so we did.

Make them part of an existing trip, visit the towns surrounding the route. Stop off along the way and eat and drink, but most importantly, enjoy!


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Image courtesy of Woodstock Motors. 

Essential European Driving Holidays

What did you think to the list of Essential European Driving Holidays?

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  1. This is so cool — and useful! I might have to check a couple of them out on my trip next summer!

    1. Where are you headed to? Maybe I could help!

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