Gorges d’Heric and Carcassone, France. – Europe Road Trip

Day 78 – Gorges d’Heric
In the morning it was still pretty miserable but got up and wandered down to the lake. Our next few stops were all lakes to swim in but due to the weather we thought it best to just move on.


We drove to another gorge called Gorge d’Heric which you could walk for 5km through along the bottom and swim in the different rockpools. As we left the car park we seemed to pick up a dog which followed us through the car park as though he was ours. He seemed to be permanently around all afternoon causing mayhem but we have no idea whose dog it was. The weather had cleared up but it was still a little cold so we didn’t opt for the swimming. Part way along we stopped to watch some people launching themselves off the cliffs into the pool below despite it not looking anywhere near deep enough to do so. We also managed to find a little snake sunning itself right alongside the path. Jack told me off for getting too close to it! The information board said that’s it’s possible to see mountain goats but unfortunately we didn’t. It was all really pretty and if the weather was a little warmer we’d have probably stayed the following day and chilled in the rockpools.


At the end of the 5km through the gorge you get to some really old houses and we chose which little cottage we wanted to live in.


We then headed back to the van and had pancakes for dinner. When in France!


Day 79 – Carcassone

We left early and drove on to Carcassone with its massive motorhome park. The French really do love their motorhomes and its so easy to get about it them as well as park really close to towns. Carcassone has a huge old castle and fort which you can walk round. The little streets inside were full with shops and tourists which made it a little hard to get around.

We did have one little failure moment. As it was VJ day, the French have this day as the equivalent of a bank holiday which meant that everything was shut. We managed to find a petrol station which had a card payment system only none of our cards seemed to work, despite the fact that a very French man who only spoke French tried to help us. He suggested another petrol station a little further up the road, which when we arrived was closed. On our third attempt we finally managed to get some petrol and pay and we were back on our way.

We went inside the castle for free because we were under 26. This was how we managed to do our trip to Paris a couple of years ago so cheaply! There was a short video that told you about the history of the castle as well as a little collection of items that had been found. Most importantly the view from around the edge of the castle was incredible.


There’s also a large outdoor stage where they hold performances during the summer. From the top of the wall we also managed to watch the medieval performance they put on. We didn’t have a clue what was going on as it’s all in French, but it was still funny watching them all dressed up and performing tricks on their horses.

You could also visit the cathedral which was really beautiful from the inside with all its stain glass windows. There was a quartet singing inside when we arrived who were really good. 38-IMG_564237-IMG_5645

As we’d been really good we money we even treated ourselves to a rose shaped ice-cream.


As we walked back through the motorhome park we noticed that the GB van parked closest to us was our number plate neighbour. Ours finishes with an A and there’s was a B.35-IMG_5662

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Gorges d'Heric and Carcassone, France. - Europe Road Trip: Diary Post, Day 78-79: 3 Months, 7,000 miles and 15 Countries.