Krakow, Poland & Driving to Budapest. – Europe Road Trip

Day 34 – Krakow

After our two little day trips around Krakow, we decided we should probably go into the actual town itself. We had unfortunately said RIP to our selfie stick that morning which then made us rely on other people for our pictures of us. Neither of us take many pictures normally, but we have really valued that stick during the trip for decent pictures of the two of us.


Braving the bus for the second time, we managed to navigate the ticket machine by ourselves and without causing complete chaos! The first stop on our tourist cruise was the Ghetto Heroes Square, which has a very simplistic memorial to the Jews who were deported from the Ghetto in Krakow. The square is lined with 70 bronze chairs to symbolise the fact they lost everything.


The route then took us through the old Jewish Quarter. Our day in Krakow also coincided with the end of Jewish Culture Festival. It was really lovely to walk around the old Jewish quarter and experience it full of people with Jewish music playing. We stopped by the Jewish Cemetery, which similar to the square, was full of people. As with a lot of the towns we’ve visited, the old Jewish areas are now the newer cool areas of the town and Krakow is no exception. They also tend to have a lot of funky graffiti art or things with cool names. My favourite named restaurant award has to go to the one named Hummus and Happiness.


Testing our stamina up hills seems to be our new habit, so up to the Wawel Castle we went. It was very beautiful in itself and gave a view across the river and the distant mountains. Que awkward photo taken by someone else.


The main square in Krakow is possibly one of the prettiest that we’ve seen. Que second awkward photo taken by someone else. As we’re still on a budget, we found a nice quiet spot in the shade to have our lunch and people watch, which proved very entertaining, especially when the bubble blowing girl turned up. One of our missions on the trip was to find a leather belt for Michael (Jack’s dad) and we happened to find a leather stall in the Cloth Market which met all of the specific criteria. The market itself was very pretty and was a nice break from the sun. If you haven’t already noticed, Jack is wearing jeans in all of the photos; he regretted it and had no idea why he was wearing jeans!


While washing up in the campsite that evening, our GB neighbours approached me. They asked if we had enjoyed our packed lunch in the square, having spied us from their restaurant. They are also on a three month long trip through Germany and Poland, due to be back home by the end of the month. It’s been really interesting speaking to all the various motorhome people we’ve met along the way and them sharing their knowledge. The lady had done a trip through Germany and Poland in her 20’s, back when it was under soviet rule. Some of the stories of she told me made me quite thankful that it still wasn’t the case for our trip. We’re still so amazed at how easy it is to just drive through Europe, when in so many other places that just isn’t the case.


Day 35 – Driving to Budapest

We had offcially run out of food, so had to do a massive food shop in Poland where the prices were so cheap. This has been one of the most interesting things about this trip. You very rarely enter a supermarket when you go on holiday but we’ve really enjoyed checking out all of the random foods on offer. We’ve also discovered some little gems, such as the pure Belgian chocolate jar which was similar to Nutella but without the nuts. There’s also been the passionfruit juice in Lithuania, and some really random selections of sausages through Germany and Czech.

The drive to Budapest has to have been the most scenic route we’ve taken so far. Winding up and down the mountains through Slovakia into Hungary was pretty spectacular, even if it was all on single carriageway and took us an hour and a half longer than we though it was going to. This, along with the fact we spent far too long in the supermarket, meant we arrived in Budapest at 11pm. At night Budapest looked incredible, driving round Heroes Square down to the river with all of the main buildings lit up. We found a beautiful spot along the river, about 200m down from the parliament building which enabled us to park until Sunday morning for the grand total of 2 euros.


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