Lake Garda, Italy. – Europe Road Trip

Day 58 – Lake Garda 

We had decided to move onto a different spot slightly further West round Lake Garda to a town called Salò; however the free parking wouldn’t be available until 3pm when the market finished. We thought we’d get there for just after 3 to make sure we got a good spot. This meant we had to spend the morning down by the lake again. It’s such a hard life!
We left at 1 so we’d have enough time to pick up some food for the next few days and then headed off to the car park. We were the first ones here and have a nice little spot under some trees which enables us to sit outside and shades us from morning and evening sun. Oh, and it’s free!


After setting up we had a wander through town and then spent the afternoon back down by the lake. The town is much busier and more touristy than our last spot but we’ll give it a go. I also managed to get hold of my sister today who’s currently interailing. We didn’t think our paths were going to cross, but as we cut out some places and she’s rushed Switzerland as its too expensive, she’s going to meet us here tomorrow morning so we can chill together! She’s with her friend Mabel so we’re going to attempt to fit 4 in the van and see how that goes.
Day 59 – Lake Garda 
So we’ve definitely got a winning spot, were protected by the trees so the van was in shade all morning and the difference it made to the heat in the van was incredible! We chilled around the van awaiting instructions from my sister and her whereabouts. She’d picked a bad hostel in Milan so we eager to get away.
After picking up Beth and Mabel from the train station we tried to find a McDonalds with free wifi so they could check trains and we could make a plan. Turns out McDonalds in Italy have crap wifi, but they still have free toilets!
We then decided to head back to our original spot as they definitely had wifi and the girls had decided that the 3rd berth for more than enough room for the two of them. When we got there we parked in a different spot but still in line with the police guidelines. The lake was definitely better from here and the showers and toilets were a bonus! The wifi however, had decided that there were too many people there and it no longer wanted to work. No train or hostel booking for them! We spent the rest of the day catching up and sharing stories about how much fun Europe is. Oh and doing some sun/shadebathing. Beth and Mabel are a week into their month trip and are now going to various cities we have already been to so I shared my trip advisor saves.

After dinner we went to the beach bar to have a drink. I was craving a chocolate milkshake, because… Well… I’m not sure, and the others got a bit brave and tried the drink we had watched everyone else drink for the last few days. After consulting the table next to us, they chose two aperol ones and one ??, but we’re still not sure what we received. One was really nice and one felt like it was going to suck all of the air out of your mouth. The waiter had also brought us crisps and some ham and biscuits, which we weren’t sure were free and waited a good 10 minutes debating it before Beth gave in. Turns out they were free!

Day 60 – Still Lake Garda 
The following day was spent down by the lake doing some more sun/shadebathing. Jack is still trying to shift his forehead tan as he’s now realised how stupid it’s going to look when he gets home, gets his hair cut, and then starts his new job/gets his graduation photos taken. I’m secretly hoping it’s still partly there so I can laugh forever at the photo.
By late afternoon it was decided, mainly by Beth who had burnt her entire backside nicely, that we had had enough sun. We’d still not had a strong enough wifi connection for them to book a train so we packed up and went back to the train station so they could buy their tickets. It was then time for some dinner and we spent the rest of the evening covering Beth with after sun and watching Friends.

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Europe Road Trip. Diary Post, Day 58-60: Lake Garda, Italy.   3 Months, 7,000 miles and 15 Countries

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