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Day 61 – Leaving Lake Garda

After dropping the girls at the station and utilising the free wifi hotspot outside the station to note down all of the free parking places along the the East coast below Venice, Jack and I headed back to our favourite spot to chill a bit more by the lake and use their showers. There’s nothing like having a shower with an audience! We then headed along the coast to Comacchio, a really little old town with canals which some of the reviews described as a mini Venice. We parked up in a car park and were treated to a really cool evening which was a refreshing change!

Something really sad did happen today though; we booked our ferry home for the 26th of August.



Day 62 – Comacchio

The cool didn’t last long as the following morning we were awake early as the sun heated up the back of the van trying desperately to cook us alive! We have definitely vowed that shade is the most important aspect of parking the van. Especially when you’re not in a campsite and you look pretty weird sitting on your outside chairs in a car park. Not that it’s stopped us!

We made lunch and headed off into the old town, via the tourist information to pick up a map. Comacchio is a tiny little town with a real Italian feel, it’s also pretty untouristy and the locals were pretty helpful. One lady saw us carrying around empty water bottles and told us where the nearest fountain was in order to fill them up, completely in Italian! We did made it to the fountain though through lots of hand gesturing with of the nice kind. It’s most famous monument is called the Trepponti, which is a bridge and covers three points of the canal. It’s a tiny little town that you can walk from one end to the other in about 10 minutes but there are lots of things to see. We walked up to the Church of Santa Maria in Aula Regia which has 142 arches leading up to it, underneath which a lot of swallow have their nests and dive in and out of the arches. On the way back into the town we popped our heads back into the Cathedral of San Cassiano which was really beautiful inside.


I loved that in the canals there were boats advertising the shops that ran alongside it. This was our favourite for a flower shop!


Having walked around the entire town, we jumped back into the car and headed a little further south to Lido di Spina, an incredible beach which is very wide, long and sandy! We could park a minute walk from the beach for €6 a day so thought it was worth a shot. When we arrived we noticed that we were the only car in the entire place that wasn’t Italian so it’s obviously a place that’s still quite unknown to tourists. There were a number of vans and we headed for the shade, parking at a very strange angle in between 4 trees.


After chucking on our swim stuff, sun cream (for me) and finding our beach towels we headed down to the front for the rest of the afternoon. By about 5pm it had become quite windy and there was an incredible amount of sand flying around as though there was going to be a sand storm. Our towel was practically buried and Jack had officially had enough sand. We both ran into the warm ocean to attempt to get as much off us as possible before heading back to the van for, quite literally, a brush down.

We spent the rest of the evening in our nice cool van in the shade. I apologise for how much I’m talking about shade lately, but when you’re living in a tin can, these things are important!


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Europe Road Trip Diary Post, Day 61-62: Leaving Lake Garda, Comacchio and Spina Beach, Italy.   3 Months, 7,000 miles and 15 Countries

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