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Jack & Verity - Joan Jellett Photography - Wedding Freeland Village Hall

I thought I’d start over again with the thanks yous now that we’ve actually had a chance to sit back and reflect on the day. It was incredible and we couldn’t be happier.

I want to start again with some thank yous to our Mums and Dads. Julie and Mark, thanks for your constant questions (Mum) to ensure we’d thought everything through thoroughly enough to pull it all off. Thanks for letting me allow Emma to throw some magic at your hair. Thanks for letting us use one of your rooms as a dumping ground for all the various bits and pieces we’ve collected for the day over the last 6 months (I promise we will empty it soon) and thanks for having a garden large enough to make a 7m wall of sequins in!

Mandy and Michael, you’ve always been like second parents to me and thank you for everything you did to help us out with the day. Mandy, we’re very proud of you for getting up and speaking! Michael, no one believed that you had made that wish tree so I thought I’d write it down to prove it.

Adas, our Master of Ceremonies, thank you for stepping up and doing such an amazing job. I had lots of compliments coming your way throughout the day.

Thank you to our friends who took part in our ceremony and made it really special. To those of you who spoke; Adas, Karunyah, Whitney and Jordan, and to those of you who contributed stories to help them out. You managed to nail exactly what we wanted and gave everyone a good laugh in the process.

To the siblings. Tayla, you looked absolutely stunning; I knew I’d get you in a dress and dancing! Bethany, thanks for being the brunette to my blonde, your speech was beautiful and brought a fair few people to tears. Charlie, we knew you were super nervous but you smashed it and definitely got through it, S’s included!

To Dad, who came in and stole the show with his speech. You’ll have to say ‘We do it ourselves!’ now and thanks for feeding the 5,000 as always.

To Auntie Penny, the flowers were amazing. Thank you for not listening when I said I only wanted a quarter of what you provided. I should have known better than to try and tone you down and not allow you to do your best work! The table decorations, the buckets and trays, button holes and bouquet were all effortless. Your decoration of the marquee with your two helpers, Rhiannon and Charlie, was incredible and I’m sorry for making you torture the flowers by hanging them the wrong way up! I promise never to do it again.

A few little personal bits from me. Emma, thank you for setting up a proper salon and making everyone feel so confident and pretty! You nailed what I was after and thank you so much for adding Mum and Beth to your list last minute.

To Kelly at Practically Perfect in Every Way for doing my nails, Sarah for my eyelashes and Lily at Makeup And Beauty By Lily for my make up. You completed the look I was after and I thank you all.

To both Charlotte and Shobhita who showed me with their own wedding dresses that white was so last season and gave me the confidence to walk out there with that blue dress! And to Samuel and Charlotte for inspiring and showing us both that a wedding can be exactly what you want it to be!

To those of you who brought cake and created a bake off. Why have one cake when you can have a whole table; we don’t think you can ever have enough cake and you really showed up! We know there were a few of you who tried every one but I’m not here to tell. I can say that the favourite is still being disputed heavily.

A special mention to Ronnie whose cake was so pretty we couldn’t not have a cake cutting moment!



(If you’d like any full res photos from those below, let me know and I will send them to you)

To Rob at Viper Photography, who we’ve just thrown demands at for photos and videos. Thank you for taking photos on Thursday and for filming both the ceremony and speeches and for turning them around so quickly! We are truly blown away. While I weirdly didn’t ball my eyes out on either day as expected, I definitely did yesterday when I watched it all back.

To Joan Jellett for photographing the day, thanks for following us around like we were famous. I absolutely love the photos and they are a perfect capture of the day!

To Ndo, who came and got ready with me and helped keep me calm all morning.

To Sarah, who couldn’t be there in person but had roped some cabin crew friends into collecting some slippers from all the hotels you stay at and mailing them over from Dubai. While I wish you’d mailed yourself, your presence was felt and the slippers were definitely well received.

To Nunu, Joel and James who kept the music going and Grace and Darcie who kept the booze flowing.

To Pheonix Wood Fired Pizza, who saved the day when our original caterer cancelled three weeks prior to the wedding. The pizza was incredible and I wish you the best with your own wedding next week.

To both the set up and the clean up crew, both on the Friday evening and the Sunday morning, thanks for helping us out! It made it a much easier process and I couldn’t be more thankful. Julie, Mandy, Michael, Charlie, Tayla, Aleasha, Maggie, Mark, Charlotte, Kim, Andy, Jordan, Winnie (Queen of Safety Pins), Adas, Kleber, Karunyah, Jackie, Angelica, Dom, Penny, Rhiannon, Charlie, Heidi, Ian, Matt, Nicola, Phil, Rob. And a mention to those who turned up to help that we were far too efficient for! + The Catering Crew, Mark and Beth, who fed everyone both Friday and Sunday.

To all the people that came. Thank you for being there. I think you can see that neither of us are afraid to do things exactly as we wanted and thanks for supporting that. I think it might be awhile before you find another wedding you can sit and have a drink in your hand during and we both hope you enjoyed it all as much as we did. We sat down yesterday and went through all our cards, guest book and wish tree comments and they were all so lovely; I don’t think it’s hit us yet.

On behalf of my new husband Jack and I, thank you. It was everything we wanted it to be and more.

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