The Best Things To Do In London, England

Chelsea Streets - Veritru - The Best Things To Do In London

London is a city of amazing things to do, from hundreds of incredible restaurants, bars and markets where you can find most cuisines from across the world, to the beautiful street art, great places to shop, routes of picturesque walks, places to visit, things to do and some really exciting activities. Basically, everything. Here’s some […]

20 Photos to Inspire a Visit to Croatia’s Islands

Croatia is beautiful but with it’s highly visited main towns of Dubrovnik and Split, alongside the stunning nationals park like Krka and Plitvice, some people overlook the islands. You shouldn’t! Croatia’s Islands are just as fascinating to visit, full of their own fortified history and incredible beaches. There’s so many to chose from, you could […]

Visiting the Sheikh Zayed Grand Mosque – What to Wear, Interesting Facts, When to Visit and Photos

The Sheikh Zayed Grand Mosque is easily one of the most beautiful buildings in the world. I don’t believe you have be religious to appreciate the architecture and beauty of religious buildings. Both the external and internal are heavily decorated and fascinating. It’s easy to access from both Abu-Dhabi and Dubai with options for a […]

Travellers 10 Questions – Laura from Passport Collective

Meet Laura from Passport Collective. This travel loving blogger is from Melbourne, Australia. She blogs to encourage adventure and shares her stories to help inspire you to travel too. From forgetting her handbag just before leaving for a trip to a terrifying rhino encounter, today Laura joins me for Travellers 10 Questions where we can […]

Traditional puddings or desserts you absolutely MUST try while in England!

Blueberry crumble

Now you’ll become aware that we like giving stupid names to food, from spotted dick, eton mess to scones! Don’t worry, I’ll explain it all. Here’s my list of traditional puddings or desserts you absolutely MUST try while in England! Puddings Sticky Toffee Pudding [Image from Angelina Earley] Now this is a moist sponge cake […]