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Day 87 – Avoiding the rain and arriving at Tisha’s We thought the weather was bad the day before but apparently we were wrong. Today the wind was so strong it was literally stripping the trees of leaves so there was little mini tornados of leaves making their way across the car park. We treated […]

Buy 15 Mg Phentermine

Day 85 – Nantes In the morning we had a nice lie in followed by an late lunch and then figured we should probably actually go into the town. I’d done a lot of reading about les machines de L’ile and although we decided not to go into the museum, I don’t think you can […]

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La Rochelle, France - Graffiti - Mainland Europe Road Trip Route

Day 82 – Oradour-sur-Glane This has to be one of the most surreal places. On the 10th of June 1944, Nazi soldiers surrounded the town, ordering all of the women and children in the church and all of the men into 6 different barns and garages. They shot all the men in the legs, doused […]

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Day 80 – Caumont-sur-Garonne We left Carcassone and headed towards Valence. We’ve been amazed by the amount of grape vines growing in this area. Practically the entire journey is full of vines as far as you can see. When we arrived in the little town we realised that it was about to hold a festival. […]

Buy Phentermine Uk Price

Day 78 – Gorges d’Heric In the morning it was still pretty miserable but got up and wandered down to the lake. Our next few stops were all lakes to swim in but due to the weather we thought it best to just move on.

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Day 73 – Driving into France With two and half weeks to go we thought we’d better see some of France. There weren’t many free places to stop along the south of France so we decided to head towards the National Park in Verdon and spend the day driving the scenic route! This involved the autostrada through […]

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Day 71 – San Rocco We left early to get moving further north. On the autostrade we drove through Cinque Terre which was really pretty. We had originally wanted to visit some of the towns but hadn’t found anywhere we could park. All of the towns are built right into the side of the mountains […]

Buy Phentermine 15 Mg Online

Day 69 – Livorno Livorno is quite a small town and not very touristy, mainly because there’s not a lot left there. It feels like it was once a nice place to come and visit, but it’s now all a bit run down and in some places literally falling apart. We spent a couple of […]