Pont du Gard and Barrage des Olivettes, France. – Europe Road Trip

Day 75 – A lack of Pont du Gard
We left early and drove onto Pont du Gard through more windy roads and interesting rock cut outs.56-IMG_6286

When we arrived we quickly found out that you had to pay €18 to enter the park so we decided to not go in. Instead we took advantage of the jet spray car wash we found and decided we’d clean the van and get it up for sale. After a hilarious hour scrubbing the van and getting soaked by the jet spray the van was sparkling and we drove it to an empty car park to take some pictures. Locating the nearest McDonalds we took advantage of some free wifi and put the van up for sale. It makes it all seem a little real that our trip is nearly over. It’s been an incredible trip and we’ve seen and done so much on such a small budget. We’ve got a list of places we’d love to come back to, along with a list of places we still want to visit. We’ve met lots of people along the way who’ve been really helpful to us, along with friends and family who hopefully enjoyed our company while they were with us.54-IMG_549653-IMG_551355-IMG_5475

When we were finally done at McDonalds we drove down the road to the car park we were going to stay in. As we pulled in we realised how many campers there were and there wasn’t a huge amount of space left. We managed to squeeze in between two trees when an angry Dutch man next to us flew out his van, opened the passenger door and started shouting that we were so close he would be unable to get into his back garage in the morning. Jack told him to calm down and said we would move far enough away so he could open the door. Still not convinced he suggested that there was space on the other side of the car park. I tried to tell him it looked pretty full and we’d turned left to park here and go and look instead of driving down the dead end, with a tight turning circle, in the hope of a space. Having parked far enough away from his van so he could open his 2m door, we wandered down to the other end of the car park and decided to park up between two trees on this side instead. It wasn’t exactly a space but we’d fit. I guarded the space and Jack drove the van round.

Day 76 – Leaving Pont du Gard
We spent the day chilling both in the van and down by the river. We’d parked up next to the kayak renting shack and there was a continual stream of minibuses picking up and dropping off people and kayaks all day. In the afternoon by the time we’d finished down at the river, the kayak trailers had blocked us in. I asked the lady on reception if she could get someone to move them while we pulled out; she told me it was fine if I wanted to move them. I think there was a slight miscommunication. I did try and move them but was unable to lift and move the frames. Jack ended up getting out of the car to help, by which time we were being watched by everyone in the kayak shack and someone had come over to help. We then manoeuvred out of the space and headed to our next destination.


Day 77 – Barrage des Olivettes
Having arrived late at barrage des Olivettes we hadn’t really explored the area. We woke up this morning both really cold to black clouds and rain. We had taken the duvet cover off the bed when it became hot, but it’s so much cooler in France we definitely need to back. When Jack got up, he tucked the cover around me and covered me in pillows so I was a little warmer. By 2pm it was so dark outside it looked like it was about 10pm! The whole day was one big continuous thunderstorm and we had decided early to stay in our cozy van and have a movie day. We had good and water so there was no need to leave! The thunderstorm at one point was directly over us and we were slightly concerned that we’d end up being electrocuted.51-IMG_5544

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Pont du Gard and Barrage des Olivettes, France. Europe Road Trip: Diary Post, Day 87-89: 3 Months, 7,000 miles and 15 Countries.

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