Pottery Class Round 2

Day 1

Having done a beginners pottery course with Jess Jos a year previous, I really REALLY wanted to go back again. I almost definitely overshot my capability and booked an improvers weekend course based on plates and pasta bowls but I didn’t care! I just wanted to play. Run by Jess’ dad Tony, I had an amazing weekend and am already itching for round 3!

The first picture are of Jess’ dad Tony’s secret mix and is the most amazing blue colour that I fell in love with! The rest are how my dodgy pots looked by the end of the day.

Day 2

Today was all about trimming. You have to take each of the pots off its wooden base and then use tools to make it resemble an actual plate or bowl. This is so satisfying to do and as my plates and bowls aren’t the thinnest of pieces, this trimming is something that takes me a huge amount of time or I would end up with plates you wouldn’t actually be able to lift!

Day 3

I had to book an evening session after the actual course to come back and glaze all of my pots as they have to go for an initial fire prior to the glaze. What amazes me is that by the time you have coated all of the pieces in different glazes, they all largely look exactly the same.

About 4 weeks later I went back to the studio to pick up my final finished pieces. As with all glazes and their unpredictability some didn’t come out quite as I hoped and some came out so much better that I could have imagined!

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