Pottery Class

Day 1

For Christmas Jack and the parentals clubbed together to buy me a Pottery Throwing Course. Jack did all the research and established that the most suitable one for what I wanted, ie. a course that involved throwing. Jack found a full weekend course that took you through all the basics of throwing. Jess’s classes are in Stepney City Farm and the way they are run allow you to do what you want. She’ll teach you how to throw and then allow you to play and experiment and work out what works for you and in the mean time, get incredibly messy!

Day 1 is about doing just this and making as many or as few pieces as you want. She’ll teach you how to make two basic structures, a bowl and a cup. I was really amazed with what I managed to create on this first day and that they actually resembled usable objects. Most of my items were made with 500g balls which apparently is a good starting weight.

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Day 2 

Half of the day you carry on throwing and practising. The second half of the day is focused on trimming and decorating. You pick your best pieces, turn them upside down and neaten them up. This is amazingly therapeutic and I’m pretty sure I could have spent the whole day doing it.

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When you’re done trimming, Jess provides you with all the different colour slips to paint your pottery with. I kept it simple and the majority of mine ended up going blue. The colour you paint on is completely different to the colour they end up which is just as exciting. Overall I ended up with 2 small plates, 4 bowls, 2 mugs and 2 tiny little bowls.
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It’s no surprise that Stepney City farm is actually a farm. The day before we arrived two little lambs had been born and I was very happy with the correct care and bunny information that was there. There were some really cute little bunnies. Within the farm is also a cafe where I treated myself to some soup, along with a gluten free brownie.tumblr_o91dcbam1k1vy62xwo4_540tumblr_o91dfof1vr1vy62xwo4_540


A couple of weeks later, you then go back to the farm to pick up your pottery. I am so happy with how mine turned out and they are now littered throughout my house and the most used ones are now two water bowls that my bunnies use. I definitely know what I’m asking for next Christmas!

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Since picking up my first set of pottery from my pottery throwing course, I signed up for an improvers weekend. Have a look at that blog post too to see how I got on.

Hint: I still made a complete mess!

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