Prague, Czech Republic & Travelling to Lithuania. – Europe Road Trip

Day 17 – Prague 

Our morning started with a little visit from a sausage dog while we were waiting for our little private boat. I did manage to get a picture of our little boat today as well.


17-SAM_061119-IMG_5185Today we headed round to the other side of Prague, which involved us crossing the Charles Bridge. There was an amazing little jazz band playing which set the tone perfectly for us as we crossed. The bridge was tourist central which was quite amusing, but the sculptures were very impressive. Just on the other side, Jack spied a little sausage shop that apparently looked too good to pass, so it was lunch time.


We then walked around to the Lennon Wall, which is a crazy wall of graffiti originally started as a memorial to John Lennon. The section of wall is owned by the Knights of Malta, meaning that the authorities have no control over the wall. The wall was then used as a demonstration against the communist era using Lennon’s lyrics about Freedom to make their points. Even when the wall has been completely painted over, the graffiti pops right back up. It is continually changing as anyone can add anything to it. On the plus side, my crazy pattern outfit, looked completely fine up against this wall!

It was then time to tackle the hill! At the highest point is Prague castle, St Vitus Cathedral and Lobkowicz Palace. There is also an amazing view across the city. It was all as beautiful as the rest of Prague. We also popped into the St Vitus Cathedral to oggle at the stained glass windows.



It was then time to head back home for our final sleep in Prague before heading off for our longest trip yet; Prague to Vilnuis!

31-IMG_3107 (2)2

Day 18 – Travelling to Warsaw

Not all that much to post about. We drove and drove and drove for 8 and a half hour to get to Warsaw. I’m enjoying all of these European motorways though; they’re basically empty! We arrived in Warsaw at our evening campsite, both exhausted. At 4:30am, at least 2 squirrels decided that jumping on and off our van to the tree and running the full length of the van seemed like the most fun thing they’ve ever come across.

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