Recommendations for restaurants in Dubrovnik from a local.

Here’s the list of recommended restaurants in Dubrovnik from a local!

When we stayed in Dubrovnik with Air B&B our host wrote us a list of restaurants and places to eat that were all her personal recommendations as a local. The large majority of them are inside the Old Town City Walls. We ate in quite a number of them and couldn’t knock any that we picked. As we were only there for 3 days, I thought I would share the other recommendations in the hope they are just as good!

You can read about my trip to Dubrovnik covering what we did as well.

My best tip for restaurants in Croatia generally makes sure you book where you can. They will reserve you one of the best seats which are normally either outside or with the best view.

Where We Went

Lady Pipi

This was probably our favourite recommended restaurant and our hosts’ favourite restaurant in the city. Lady Pipi, aptly named due to the fountain outside the front gate with a statue of a woman peeing. Now despite my tip above, there are no reservations and you have to walk up a LOT of stairs from the main street to risk the wait. You will probably have to queue for quite a while to get in; we waited an hour and a half, but trust me it’s worth it. Lady Pipi is a local Croatian food restaurant that specialises in grilled meat and fish.

There are two sections, one downstairs in the old courtyard garden and one upstairs on the roof terrace where you can see right across the city. You can also watch the chef BBQ all of the fish and prawns on the menu. We ordered a steak and chips and a tuna steak and grilled vegetables which had the most amazing garlic sauce.


A fish fast food restaurant perfect for a quick bite. You can perch inside or sit outside on the steps on one of the padded seat cushions.  We sat on the steps outside and enjoyed our fried calamari and octopus burger. They also serve a range of fish, mussels and oysters in sandwiches, burgers or fried. The platter for two also looked pretty incredible! Make sure you sign one of their forks and stick in into the wall.

Taj Mahal

This is a traditional Bosnian food restaurant, so good they actually have two restaurants in Dubrovnik, one inside the walls and one on the outside which is the one we went to. We haven’t been to Bosnia, but it’s so close to Croatia that it’s quite a popular cuisine in Dubrovnik. I ordered cevapi in bread served with cream cheese and onion, these are the minced sausages that we fell in love with in Slovenia. Jack ordered a traditional beef stew with veg, both of which were really nice and we treated ourselves to a baklava for the pudding to share. The menu is really diverse and we had a hard time picking what we wanted. It’s also really reasonably priced.

Other Recommendations

Spagetteria Toni

A spaghetteria with a big range and a rustic feel. Great for lunch or dinner.


A great range of local seafood and meats. The restaurant is set in one of the thin little side streets.

La Bodega

A great location for the view and people watching which serves a range of Mediterranean food. The main recommendation from our host was to go here for drinks after dinner as it’s quite lively right on the main road.


Overlooking the harbour right by the seafront, Poklisar has a great view and serves seafood and pizza. There’s also a lot of raving about their ice-cream.


Specialising in seafood, this quaint little restaurant is hidden away in one of the little thin streets of Dubrovnik.

Pizzeria Castro

A little Italian specialising in pizza set in a slightly wider square with a nice atmosphere.


There are no reservations here so again you may find yourself in a queue. There’s lots of seafood on the menu and with it’s blue and white striped chairs it paints a pretty picture in the old streets.

Tavulin Bistro

Local seafood just set back from the harbour-side.

Restaurant Posat

Just on the outside of the walls this is a slightly more expensive option for a seafood restaurant in Dubrovnik but comes with a great view of the walls. The view would be great both during the day and in the evening.

Dubravka 1836 Restaurant

Slightly further down than Posat, this Italian restaurant has a great outdoor view of the old walls and the fortress Tvrdava Bokar.

One recommendation from us!

Restaurant Horizont

This was the only restaurant we ate at that wasn’t recommended by our host, but one we would definitely recommend. A Mediterranean restaurant that serves a lot of seafood, it sits just outside one of the main gates into the old town. The seating is outside on the steps down towards the gate, providing great exercise for the servers along with a new view across the sea for the diners. I ordered the lamb with diced veg and Jack ordered the sea bass. Jack was more jealous of mine, but both were nice. We both ordered the chocolate lava cake, which according to our waiter is the best invention in the world, I have to say that I might agree.

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