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Loft Hostel Reykjavik Yoga Class

Loft Hostel – Reykjavik, Iceland

The location is perfect! You are right in downtown Reykjavik on the main shopping street, Bankastræti, making all the hotspots easily accessible. That’s also useful after a few pints in the town in the evening. The bus station is at the end of the road, Hallgrimskirkja is a 5 minute walk away and you’re surrounded by restaurants, bars, shops and a supermarket is just across the road. There is a little bit of noise from the street if you do want an early night, but it’s easily outweighed by the benefit of the location!

On the top floor there is a bar, with a Happy Hour 4-7pm, well-serviced kitchen and an amazing relaxing area with proper tables and chairs, alongside sofas. Considering the weather changes every 10 minutes and in the winter it can get really bad, it is useful to have such a great warm and cosy space to chill. We spent a whole day here chilling on our trip because the weather was THAT bad. In the evenings they play music and the Loft is open to the general public. The balcony gives you a cracking view over the city (but is closed during the winter). They also store your luggage for you before or after check in/out. Everyone we encountered was really friendly, most were early 20’s but the environment is so nice, that there were also a few older couples and even a family.

Loft Hostel is run in an eco-friendly way, they recycle, you have to ask for a change of towels, they even encourage you to use the dishwasher! There is a free phone and computer than can be used and the wifi signal is very strong throughout the hostel. It is decorated in a really quirky way, with graffiti style artwork on the walls; graffiti style decoration throughout Reykjavik downtown cannot be missed!

Ranging 4-8 bed dorms, alongside double/twin rooms and even a double deluxe, there are lots of options, some with their own bathroom. There is also a morning buffet, which is a little expensive, but everything is very clean and tidy. Considering the location and how expensive it is to stay in Iceland, Loft Hostel is great value for money!

The hostel also hosts yoga classes every Sunday and lots of other activities and events throughout the year including cinema nights, drag queen shows and craft days.

Loft Hostel Reykjavik Yoga Class

[Image above from Loft Hostel’s Instagram as we weren’t there for Yoga Day *sobs quietly*]

The only other minor drawback I can think of is that pickups for tours are not allowed to stop on the main road. You have to walk to the next parallel road, but I’m pretty sure you can manage that!

Insider Tip: Go for New Year’s Eve, sneak up the fire escape and watch the incredible firework display that explodes across the city! This is where my boyfriend proposed to me, so Loft Hostel will always have a special place in my heart.


If you’re wondering where to stay in Reykjavik, I would highly recommend Loft Hostel as one of the best places to stay if you’re looking for something cheap (in Reykjavik scales) and cheerful!

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Review of Loft Hostel, Reykjavik - Veritru - If you're wondering where to stay in Reykjavik, I would highly recommend Loft Hostel. Check out my review now for more information!

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  1. I 100% agree with all of this. One of the best hostels I’ve ever stayed in. I loved that locals loved hanging out their too.. made it seem less touristy 🙂

    1. It turned into such a nice place in the evening on the top floor!

  2. I have been to Iceland and all the hostels where I have been staying were wonderfull. Loved them all!

  3. Alexander Popkov says: Reply

    I like the hostels that are a little more than just hostels. In good ones you can find excursions and quite original city tours. Yoga lessons is something I have never seen,

  4. I love how design hostels can be in Iceland… It definitely the best place to say when doing a roadtrip there! Noting that one down for my next trip… Reykjavik is ever so pretty at Christmas time too. Took me a while to get used to the sunlight at 10.30 am though 🙂

    1. Definitely! Me too, the sunlight only being there for 5 hours a day was just a bit weird plus all your photos turn out dark.

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