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Day 71 – San Rocco

We left early to get moving further north. On the autostrade we drove through Cinque Terre which was really pretty. We had originally wanted to visit some of the towns but hadn’t found anywhere we could park. All of the towns are built right into the side of the mountains leading down to the sea and are very picturesque, just probably not very suited to motorhomes. Instead we ended up just slightly further round where we knew you could park up vans in a tiny little town called San Rocco which is at the top of a hill.



As we hadn’t found anywhere to empty and refill the van we went on the autostrada to make use of the free services where we bumped into another English couple. They travel every year for about 6-7 weeks with their two springer spaniels, the parrots and a lack of air conditioning. They made us even more grateful for the van we chose and the changes we’ve made. Through Austria, when we had simply bought a vignette for €12 for 10 days, they had to have a box fitted which tracked their usage and got charged €120! They also didn’t have our gas system and we’re paying €12 for a single canister whereas we just fill up. Along with getting air con, they think that getting the gas system fitted will be worthwhile for them.

After lunch we headed into the little town to admire the panoramic view from the top. You can see all the way along the coast and the Cinque Terre region with its quaint towns built into the side of the cliffs. From here you can walk all the way down to the Punta Chiappa which is one of the furthest points along this coastline. It’s also pretty good for snorkelling, which would be great if we owned a snorkel! We’ve been saying since we arrived in Slovenia that we wanted to buy some, but we only ever remember when we’re back by a river or the sea and they’re really expensive! Despite this the water was so clear we could see all the fish anyway. We spent a couple of hours chilling and swimming and laughing at a little boy who was catching things in the rockpools. He had a container with three little crabs in it which were fighting with each other.


As it got cooler we walked back round to the little dock to get a boat across to Camogli the main town in the area. This beach is much busier than the part we just came from, but we decided to come back down here tomorrow. We picked up some dinner and jumped on a bus to wind back up the mountain.

Day 72 – Camogli
This morning we headed back down the 1,000 steps in the opposite direction towards Camogli scaring every lizard possible. One even appeared to commit suicide by jumping down into the river but I’m sure he’s fine! It was very busy along the seafront and each beach bar had its own section with an attraction in the water. One had a water polo field you could play in which was hilarious to spent the day watching. For lunch we had a really nice focaccia at this little restaurant along the beach. On our way back to the beach we gave in to temptation and buy a snorkel set while we could find one and then spent the rest of the day boiling over and dipping into the sea to cool down!


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