Spina Beach and Driving to Ravenna, Italy. – Europe Road Trip

Day 63 – Spina Beach

The following morning we headed back down to the beach. We had decided that we would get two deckchairs and an umbrella so we could chill all day and I could not burn and Jack could improve his tan. He even acquired a head band from a looky looky man in order to shift the last of his hair line tan; if white to red was what he was after, he definitely achieved it!



One thing that really surprised us was that there was a whole line of market stall type stuff along the sea front and men selling every thing you could possibly want walking up and down the beach continually. It’s obviously a legal thing unlike the street sellers in so many other countries as there was no chance of a quick getaway with their tables! Our favourite was the kite man that you could see from about a mile away as he had about 15 kites all tied on top of each other. The winds that we had encountered the day before are obviously a normal thing and definitely helped in his kite selling. One guy had a hilarious spiel in his attempt to sell Jack some sunglasses despite him already having some, but did he have a sunglasses case? No! And I obviously didn’t have a headband and Jack having one was really unfair and he should buy me one so we can match!


After dinner and assessing the sun damage for the day, a couple of red patches, a red forehead and a tinged bum, we thought we’d have a wander into the little town and get some pudding and a drink. We settled for a little gelitaria and picked our flavours. Jack then had a beer and I had some more ice cream, because you can never have too much ice cream!

Day 64 – Ravenna

The following morning we packed up and attempted to get as much sand back out of the van as possible. We had run out of food so headed to the nearest Lidl to stock back up again. Now we’re in Italy, our attempt at eating vegetarian meals has gone out the window as the pancetta and cold meats are just too yummy. Home made pizzas, bruschetta and pasta is all on the menu and we’re really enjoying it!


There are a lot of different parking spots in Ravenna, so we headed to the one nearest to the station so we’d have an easy walk back into the town. It was pretty gloomy when we arrived and spent the rest of the day raining, so we chilled in the van with all our food and got fat. We also planned out where we were going to go in Ravenna the following day. My parents really like Italy and Ravenna is one of my mum’s favourite places so we had a long list of things to do!

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Europe Road Trip: Diary Post, Day 63-64: 3 Months, 7,000 miles and 15 Countries. Join us as we drive through Italy and visit the beautiful places it has to offer. Spina Beach and Driving to Ravenna, Italy. - Europe Road Trip

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