Driving into France, Castellane and Gorge du Verdon, France. – Europe Road Trip

Day 73 – Driving into France With two and half weeks to go we thought we’d better see some of France. There weren’t many free places to stop along the south of France so we decided to head towards the National Park in Verdon and spend the day driving the scenic route! This involved the autostrada through […]

San Marino and Florence, Italy. – Europe Road Trip

Day 67 – San Marino After ringing the insurance company and checking that we were definitely covered in San Marino we headed up the hill. Jack’s parents had been here so we’d heard a lot about it. After parking up at the middle of the hill another British couple in a van approached us and […]

Leaving Lake Garda, Comacchio and Spina Beach, Italy. – Europe Road Trip

Day 61 – Leaving Lake Garda After dropping the girls at the station and utilising the free wifi hotspot outside the station to note down all of the free parking places along the the East coast below Venice, Jack and I headed back to our favourite spot to chill a bit more by the lake […]