The Test Run – Europe Road Trip

So in order to fully test out our van we booked a night in Hertford Camping Site. It’s only just down the road from us and the weather was lovely.

After an interesting start where we realised we hadn’t bought a mug for tea, the night did get better. I made us a lovely dinner of pepper pasta, halloumi and garlic bread.

We definitely appreciated the fact you could turn around the front two seats as it then meant we could both get nice and comfortable!
2015-05-21 21.34.36

The light saber looking thing on the table in the picture is our wifi antenna, we’re hoping it’s going to pick up some free wifi points for us around our trip, along with some BT hotspots. This will allow us to document our journey and keep you all up to date with where we are and what we’re doing!

We had a pretty good nights sleep and then woke up and opened a couple of blinds to enjoy the view out into the woods. Nothing better than waking up to countryside and the sight of people carrying their poop cassettes to the toilets! Overall it was an interesting experiment and has made us very excited to get on the move.

2015-05-22 10.46.40Oh, and Jack did get his cup of tea! Thanks to Ikea for their heat proof cups!

2015-05-21 22.56.14



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