The Day I Got My Ice-Cream Stolen By A Monkey

rhesus macaque Monkey Sipping Coke on Elephanta Island India. Veritru - The Day I Got My Ice-Cream Stolen By A Monkey

Ahead of finishing writing my diary posts on India, I thought I would share one of my favourite stories from my trip.

In Mumbai, on day 2 of our trip in India, we headed over to Elephanta Island to explore the caves. The Island is full of monkeys, stray dogs and cows which make for great watching themselves before you even reach the caves.

We made the silly mistake of starting our journey up to the caves with ice creams in hand. I’m not talking any ice cream! I’m talking one of the best mango ice creams I’ve ever had!

We stop for a bit to laugh at some monkeys who have stolen a can of coke from another unassuming tourist and Jack’s there trying to take a photo of this monkey perfectly holding this can of coke and sipping on it!

Baby monkeys playing on Elephanta Island India. Veritru - The Day I Got My Ice-Cream Stolen By A Monkey

There are numerous little babies playing and throwing each other around and just generally looking cute when suddenly my eye runs along the line up of monkeys to be greeted by a large female who has locked eyes with me!

She stares me straight in the face, then slowly runs her eye up and down me like she’s sizing me up, delights in the sight of my ice-cream and starts walking straight for me. I swear you could almost see her licking her lips!

Now I might have had my rabies jabs, but I’m not about to test their effectiveness and although my heart was telling me I was really enjoying my ice-cream, my brain is desperately trying to convince me that I know better than to fight off a monkey that is getting ever closer to me!

As she reared up on her hind legs, ready to snatch, my brain won and I dropped the ice-cream to the floor much to her excitement. She collects her prize and disappears out of sight of us and the other monkeys to eat in peace.

Here she is below with her fat belly full of food she should not be eating before stealing my ice-cream!

Rhesus macaque monkeys eating on Elephanta Island India. Veritru - The Day I Got My Ice-Cream Stolen By A Monkey

Now the sad reality behind this stupid story is that monkeys on the island have realised that stealing food and drink from tourists is so much easier than getting their own food on the island. This is resulting in them becoming incredibly fierce with tourists and in some cases even stealing whole backpacks to ransack.

While there we saw a cow eating a doughnut, monkeys sipping on numerous sugary drinks and eating anything both given by and stolen from tourists, along with a stray dog cleaning up every crumb left around a restaurant.

My advice, do not feed the wild animals and be wary of any food on show while around them because the monkeys will hunt you down!

Stay tuned for my full blog on our incredible trip to India!

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