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4 Replies to “Tips and Tricks for Travelling on a Budget”

  1. I loved the tips some of them I am even using myself. I don’t think camping sounds good idea in every place as it won’t be that safe and comfortable. But I liked most of the tips like booking your ticket on Wednesday would be a great tip as not many people are aware of that.

    1. That’s true about camping, but in lots of places across Europe it’s great fun! If there’s no need to travel at the weekend then it’s great!

  2. Many items on this list I am already doing, so it means I do know how to travel with a small budget haha… The not eating out part is true, but when I travel alone, I tend not to eat that much. When I go with a group though, that’s another story. For some reason, eating is much more fun if you are with people. The free walking tours I just learned when I went to Taiwan and I do recommend it. It’s definitely a cheaper way to see the city.

    1. You can still really enjoy a city and get to know it without spending a huge amount. You just have to know how to do it. Eating is definitely better with friends!

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