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Famous Oia Three Blue Domes Church - Honeymoon Part 2 - Oia in Santorini Greece is beautiful with its pretty caldera view, sunsets, windmills and quaint pedestrian streets, we headed here for our Honeymoon Part 2! - Greek Island, Europe - Veritru

Day 1 After three days in Athens for part 1 of our honeymoon, we headed to the Greek island of Santorini. Santorini has been on my bucket list for a long time and it is just as beautiful as in the pictures. We booked to stay in Oia in the north of the island with it’s […]

Buy Phentermine With Online Prescription

Erechtheío / Erechtheion - Acropolis of AthensHekatompedon Temple - Acropolis of Athens - Athens, Greece, Europe - Honeymoon Part 1 - Athens is a beautiful capital city rich with history. With it's impressive Acropolis and quaint pedestrian streets, we headed here for our Honeymoon Part 1! Veritru Travel Blog

Day 1  We arrived at our Air B&B to be greeted by the Acropolis. It’s probably the most impressively cheap view in the city we could have found and I could have stared out of that window all day or night! It was a prime location, just 30 seconds from Monastiraki Square and station which meant […]

Phentermine Hydrochloride Order Online

Oia, Santorini, Greece Holiday Video - Iconic Blue Domes

Sometimes pictures just don’t quite do it justice, so here’s our 3 1/2 days on the beautiful Greek island Santorini in video form! We stayed in a cave apartment in the village of Oia in the North of the island with it’s iconic blue domes and white buildings, tiny streets and sunsets that people wait […]

Buy Phentermine From India

Squad! Walking Tour Budapest - The Best Joint Hen/Stag Do in Budapest - Veritru - Fisherman's Bastion

Jack and I decided quite early that we wanted to do a joint hen/stag do (aka a hag, sten or whatever else you want to call it). We have a lot of mixed friends and we wanted to bring everyone together to celebrate in Budapest; a city we fell in love with during our Europe […]

Buy Phentermine Nz

Place du Tetre - Montmartre Paris - Veritru

Paris is beautiful, the architecture the breathtaking, the artwork is to die for and everyone is in love. Or something like that. Just up from our hotel, (the one with the best wallpaper in the world; The Hotel Josephine) is the beautiful area of Montmartre which has quickly become my favourite area of Paris. The […]

Order Phentermine Australia

Icelandic proposal on New Years Eve

In light of the Royal Wedding it got me thinking more about my own wedding and reminiscing about my proposal in Iceland last year. It caught me off guard so much that it then turned into quite an amusing story. New Years Eve in Iceland is a huge family event, with community bonfires and giant […]

Phentermine Nyc

View from the Montparnasse Tower Panoramic viewing deck. Paris.

The Eiffel Tower is one of the world’s most iconic and recognised buildings. Measuring 324 metres or 1,063 ft tall it dominates the skyline from every angle of the city. The Eiffel Tower was also the second most Instagrammed place in the world in 2017. Construction started in 1887 and was completed just two years […]

Phentermine In Mexico Online

Monet - Waterlilies Water Garden

Our recent visit to Paris brought up one of my Mum’s favourite travel stories. When I was little, my parents took me on a trip to Paris where upon arriving, we visited the Musée de l’Orangerie the home of Monet’s Waterlilies. These incredible paintings are a series of around 250 pieces inspired by Monet’s own […]

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My New Favourite Thing! Review of Fujifilm Instax Mini 9 Instant Camera - Veritru

For my birthday I asked my Dad for a Fujifilm Instax Mini 9 Instant Camera in Cobalt Blue, he laughed, told me that he remembers them the first time around and then said he would buy one. It’s literally the most exciting thing ever! I got it just in time for my trip to Paris […]