20 Photos to Inspire a Visit to Berlin to learn about its History

Instead of to Inspire a Visit to Berlin, this post focuses on the History of Berlin. I was truly moved by the city’s take of remembering their history and the focus they put on learning from the past. In recent history, they’ve seen the atrocity of the Second World War with its concentration camps and […]

Berchtesgaden National Park, Germany & Innsbruck, Austria. – Europe Road Trip

Day 54 – Berchtesgaden National Park We had breakfast, made lunch and packed lots of water figuring we’d need it and headed up on our trek. Most normal people were getting in the jennerbahn, aka the cable car, but being as skint as we are, we thought we’d hike up to the first level at […]

Berlin, Germany & Prague, Czech Republic. – Europe Road Trip

Day 15 – Berlin to Prague Berlin has been amazing. We’ve done so much, yet there’s still so much to do! The town has commemorated everything that happened here in a really nice way and aims to tell its story to as many people as possible. On our way out we decided to visit the […]