Travellers 10 Questions – A Couple On A Budget

Travellers 10 Questions Big Island Hawaii acoupleonabudget

Meet Kulani & Christian from A Couple On A Budget. This Sri Lankan and German couple specialise in upscale things on a downscaled budget.

From trying snake soup to not liking Paris, today A Couple On A Budget join me for Travellers 10 Questions where we can learn more about their travelling experiences, tips and tricks.

Travellers 10 Questions Big Island Hawaii acoupleonabudget

1. Where was your last trip? What was the best part about it?

Our last trip was to Savannah, Georgia. While we adore travelling internationally (we were in Croatia, Germany, Finland, Estonia, Latvia, the Netherlands, Belgium, and Iceland this summer!) we also find it important to travel our home states, and country! Savannah, Georgia has been on my (Kulani’s) travel bucket list for a while, and we really enjoyed learning the history of this beautiful city: did you know that it is older than the United States itself? The US Constitution was ratified in 1776. Savannah was founded in 1733!

Now that’s a list for one summer! No, I didn’t. 

2. What is the best place you’ve been to and why?

We’re asked this on a regular basis and at the risk of sounding pretentious, we’re going to honestly say: this is a ridiculously hard question to answer! Hawaii and Iceland perhaps top the list – but we also enjoy going home to Sri Lanka and Germany!

Sorry to put you on the spot! The fact it’s hard to chose, just means you’re happy in lots of places which is a good thing. 

3. Would you describe yourself as a happy budget travelling, prefer luxury holidays or somewhere in the middle?

Definitely somewhere in the middle. We’re all about doing upscale things on a downscaled budget: we’ve splurged in the Maldives and done some budget travelling in Hawaii. We never stay in hostels but frequently choose apartments and Airbnb’s. We like the high life but we always budget ourselves wherever we go!

This sounds very similar to how Jack and I travel. Easy-going, enjoyable but no splurging. We love Air BnB.

4. What’s the strangest or most amazing thing you’ve eaten and where did you eat it?

Kulani had snake soup in China! That was definitely the strangest thing she’s ever tried. Some of the best rice we’ve had is in Peru – and Kulani’s Sri Lankan, she knows good rice!

China is full of weird and wonderful things to try for Westerners. 

5. What is your favourite social custom or tradition that you’ve encountered while travelling?

This is not a social custom per se, but some countries are friendlier than others, and we appreciate that. Peruvians and Puerto Ricans for example were some of the nicest people we’ve encountered so far. Germans are very straightforward, and Kulani appreciates that. Christian in turn appreciates the hospitality of Sri Lankans!

South America is definitely on our list to try and get to. Germans are very straightforward, it’s actually quite refreshing.

Travellers 10 Questions Iceland acoupleonabudget

6. Where is your least favourite place you’ve visited and why?

Paris. Surprised? It’s very overrated. We’ve been there four times, and while we admire the architecture etc., there are so many other European cities worthy of mention (Riga, Tallinn, etc.).

I am and I’m not. I agree that Paris is a bit of a love hate city and that there are so many other European cities that push Paris into insignificance to me too. 

7. What is the most creative thing you did to save money while travelling?

We actually wrote an entire article on 28 creative ways to travel longer on a budget! Again, it’s hard to pick one, but we always download a map of where we’re exploring to Google Maps. Google Offline Maps are amazing – we’ve driven multiple countries and continents with it, saving ourselves GPS charges, with no problems at all! They actually usually even work better than a normal car navigation system.

I will have to check that article out! Google Maps offline is a lifesaver for Road Trips. 

8. What’s your top travel tip?

It’s hard to pick one since we specialise in travel tips at acoupleonabudget but I’d say: don’t go to the typically popular tourist destinations like Greece, Italy etc. during high season! We can’t stand crowds and always plan our trips to avoid them as much as possible. We also make a habit of always getting lunch to go and picnicking at beautiful places like Snowdonia National Park in Wales – experiences we’ll never forget.

High season… Crowds… Urgghh! Having climbed Mount Snowdon twice this year, I think I might give Snowdonia National Park a miss for a while. 

9. What can’t you travel without?

Our passports (duh) haha! We’d say our travel documents – but other than those types of necessities (like a change of clothes) – our GoPro. All our travel films and other website material depend on it!

So many people can’t travel without their GoPro, they are amazing little pieces of kits.

10. If you won the lottery, where would be the first place you’d book to go?

ONE place?! It’s hard to pick, but it’s a toss up between Antarctica and New Zealand!

Fine, you can have two! 

You can hear more about A Couple On A Budget and their travelling on their blog.

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