Travellers 10 Questions – Sunarika

Meet Sunarika. This fun loving, travel seeking lady isn’t afraid of asking for a free dessert!

From her free spirit attitude to telling me about a very awkward situation she found herself in in India, today Sunarika joins me for Travellers 10 Questions where we can learn more about her travelling experiences, tips and tricks.


Firstly, where are you from?

Leicester in the UK, yes we won the premier league once, no I don’t know how either!

1. Where was your last trip? What was the best part about it? 

Cyprus! A party holiday with all my girls. The best bit was partying til stupid o clock and hitting the beach to see the sunset at 6 am. I also enjoyed paragliding, beach parties and I had the chance to fulfil my dream of swimming in the deep blue ocean.

My trip prior to that was to Belgium. The best part, I must say, was the amount of chocolate I consumed! Belgium is so beautiful especially Brugges; a historic city with the best Belgian waffles!

Everyone has to have a crazy holiday every so often! Belgium is an amazing place, I think I consumed my weight in chocolate when we were there.

Belgium waffles
2. What is the best place you’ve been to and why?

India – The home of my ancestors. India has a unique feel for me; it feels like home. I love everything about it including the food, culture, bright colours, a sense of unity.

I have a friend from University who has moved back to India and keeps telling me to come and visit her, I should really take her up on it. 

3. Would you describe yourself as a happy budget travelling, prefer luxury holidays or somewhere in the middle?

I am a happy budget traveller. I would love to explore a city or country and happily stay in a small hostel (as long as it’s clean!).

Hostels are normally in more central locations so it definitely makes exploring easier too. 

View of a windmill in Holland

4. What’s the most embarrassing or weirdest (if you’re not brave enough to tell me about your most embarrassing moment) thing happen to you while travelling?

I’ll be brave and go for embarrassing (God help me). When in India, I disregarded all warnings of “do not eat anything from the market stalls” – oh I definitely felt the consequences as 10 minutes after, whilst in a car of 10 people (no laws in India!), I had a horrendous upset stomach and I couldn’t control my trump. Luckily we weren’t too far but all I can say is, I hope I never meet those 8 people again (2 were my family and they tease me to date!)

You’re not the only one to share illness stories while travelling Asia. It seems to be a right of passage! 

5. What was the scariest moment you’ve encountered while travelling?

Jumping in the sea and swimming to edge near the sea caves and not a person in sight! Scary but exhilarating.

Jack jumped off a cliff when we visited Dubrovnik, I hope you didn’t bend your legs like he did and end up with two black thighs for the rest of our trip. Needless to say, he said it was exhilarating as well. 

Swimming in the sea
6. What’s the strangest or most amazing thing you’ve eaten and where did you eat it?

Snails! Paris 2017 it took me 15 mins to take a bite! (I have a video to prove it!) they were smothered in butter and garlic but taste like mushrooms.

You’ve got to try snail while in France! They aren’t as bad as you’d have thought they should be. 

The outside of the Louvre in Paris
7. What is the most creative thing you did to save money while travelling?

Laughter and smile have no language! I learnt that very quickly so using my charm (ahem) and other psychological techniques I’d ask for dessert on the house and I’d get dessert on the house!

Good for you! Don’t ask, don’t get!

8. What’s your top travel tip?

Do not restrict yourself because you made a “plan” that you must “follow”. Do things where your heart takes you – if you want to see where that road takes you, go. Enjoy and be flexible! Explore explore explore (and if you are with friends, don’t feel bad about it!)

That’s what travelling is all about for to me! Exploring and wandering to see what you find.

9. What can’t you travel without?


Very important!

10. If you won the lottery, where would be the first place you’d book to go?

Hong Kong (but I don’t know why!!! I just really want to go)

It’s a very cool place. I would definitely recommend it. Head up in the Peak Tram to the Sky Terrace 428 for the most breathtaking views of the city. 

Sunset view

You can hear more about Sunarika and her travelling by following her on Instagram.

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Travellers 10 Questions with Sunarika

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