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Travellers 10 Questions tickereatstheworld Amsterdam canal bike

Meet Raghav from Ticker Eats The World. This travel and food loving blogger is from India and has spent almost 4 decades travelling. He even has a section on Humour on his blog, because life is too short not to laugh!

From his love of cheese to being my first interviewee that told me their embarrassing story, today Ticker Eats The World joins me for Travellers 10 Questions where we can learn more about their travelling experiences, tips and tricks.Raghav and Saanvi (daughter) in Cully, Switzerland among the Terraced Vineyards

1. Where was your last trip? What was the best part about it?

My last proper trip was to Switzerland where I stayed for three weeks exploring only part of the country but managing to immerse myself in everything it had to offer; from the rolling vineyards in Lavaux to the cheese and chocolate factories of Gruyeres and Cailler respectively and the Matterhorn in Zermat to Lauterbrunnen, the land of waterfalls.

Mmmmmm… Chocolate and cheese. What’s not to love! 

2. What is the best place you’ve been to and why?

There’s no one place that I can categorise as “best” however over the years I’ve accumulated an abundance of memories from my travels that are all special and include attending my friend’s wedding in Greece or a recent trip to Switzerland. Then there was the time when I celebrated my daughter’s first birthday at Hong Kong Disneyland and of course as a city Amsterdam has never failed to impress me.

Memories make places. Amsterdam has always been a favourite to me too! 

Travellers 10 Questions tickereatstheworld Amsterdam canal bike

3. Would you describe yourself as a happy budget travelling, prefer luxury holidays or somewhere in the middle?

With nearly four decades of travel under my belt I can happily say that I’ve done all sorts of travel. While backpacking in my early twenties was something I preferred, now as a family or even an individual, I’m more inclined towards luxury travel where I can incorporate some true rest and relaxation in the form of huge bathrooms with Jacuzzi, plunge pools, large everything included resorts, grand meals, basically the good life – whatever maximum I can manage in my budget of course.

After travelling for so many years, it not a surprise that you’ve done the full circle.

4. What’s the most embarrassing or weirdest (if you’re not brave enough to tell me about your most embarrassing moment) thing happen to you while travelling? 

What the heck, I’ll tell you the most embarrassing; it was while staying with friend as I was backpacking in Germany over a weekend (I used to study there but had gone to visit a friend in anther city) and was hosted in a dorm room along with her roommate. Late at night, in my sleepy dizziness, I let out a pretty loud fart and well even though it wasn’t the smelly kind, still pretty embarrassing since both the roommates were awake at the time.

That’s for being the first to take the plunge! It was worth it. 

5. What was the scariest moment you’ve encountered while travelling? 

My travels are always full of small moments of absolute terror and anxiety and even though I’ve never been in one grand scary situation, anything from not being able to find my wallet or worse passport to running late for a flight can be extremely hard on my heart.

There’s always something on every trip that you misplace! 

6. What’s the strangest or most amazing thing you’ve eaten and where did you eat it?

I’m a cheese addict and for me all the variations of cheese that are available in Switzerland was a revelation. But, it was the drama and gooey-ness of the Raclette that was the most amazing as what can be better than having someone walk up with half a block of hot melting cheese and then scraping it off on my plate for me to savour and enjoy.

Oh raclette cheese! My au-pair introduced us to this and I remember the day we finally found a place in Oxford covered market that stocked it! So good. Insider tip, potatoes, salad cream and raclette cheese. 

Travellers 10 Questions tickereatstheworld raclette cheese

7. What is the most creative thing you did to save money while travelling?

Once, a few decades ago, a friend of mine and I were traveling in Switzerland and bought a 1/2 ticket. When asked by the collector, we played dumb tourists suggesting we thought it was 1 ticket for 2 people.

He was really nice and explained that it wasn’t – while we desperately tried to control our smiles – but did charged us the correct price. Now though, I get the Swiss Travel Pass which is full of discounts and offers.

Nice try! 

Travellers 10 Questions tickereatstheworld Lauterbrunnen, Switzerland

8. What’s your top travel tip? 

“Don’t be yourself when you travel” – Travelling is all about experiencing different cultures, foods, traditions, sights, and of course mingling with people. So, you’ve got to shed your inhibitions, beliefs, practices and travel as a “raw” human being so you can immerse yourself completely into the new place and get the maximum out of your travels.

This is a great tip! Just get involved with whatever situation you find yourself in. 

9. What can’t you travel without? 

Money and Passport. Money I need for my comfort and to make things simpler because like it or not, money does make the world go round. Passport I could do without but then I wouldn’t get too far without it.

You could try! 

10. If you won the lottery, where would be the first place you’d book to go?

There are two aspects to this; one that I would travel to places that I’ve never been, far off places in the pacific or cities like Tokyo. The other, depending on how much I win, I’d like to travel in “style” so maybe rent a jet or take helicopter sightseeing tours, eat at Michelin started restaurants and of course stay only in Presidential suits.

Tokyo is on my list for 2020. I think if I had the money, I would definitely alternate holidays between backpacking style and travelling in style. I think you’d miss out on true soulful experiences travelling in style all the time. 

You can hear more about Ticker Eats The World and his travels on his blog.

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  1. This is such an interesting read. I even found myself thinking of my own answers to these questions, and I like how you put in comments in each of his answer. I don’t do luxury traveling yet but I agree with him. If I have the means it’s what I’d prefer. Like many people I like to be pampered.

    1. If you would like to fill out my Travellers 10 Questions I would love to hear from you!

  2. I love the honesty and the humor! Japan will be waiting for you in 2020! Incase you are near,you can contact me, too 🙂 (just not in Tokyo of the moment)

  3. hi
    some very interesting et of questions and i really liked the travel tip .. that is so very original a thought

    1. I know! I loved it when I read it too. I am definitely taking it on board with my next travels.

  4. That was a very fun read. I love the don’t be yourself advice. Usually I’m my ADD self while traveling 😀

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