Vienna & Traunsee, Austria. – Europe Road Trip

Day 50 – Vienna

The sleep wasn’t that great as we seem to have parked right next to the bus stop which drove past every 30 minutes all evening. This was vastly improved by the fact we had to have the back and top windows open all night as it was baking! We jumped on the bus once we’d managed to peel ourselves out of bed and headed into Vienna.

Now everything I’ve read basically just describes Vienna as an incredibly grand city and it definitely fitted that! The buildings were incredibly decorated and ornate and it was definitely beautiful! Even the tourist information was grand and the air con was a lovely treat. Completed by the free wifi, I reckon we spent a good hour in there! We did pick up a walking tour map from there and spent the rest of the day wandering round the city trying to stay as cool as possible.


We found an amazing market as well that sold pretty much everything and the building surrounding it even had incredible detail.

13-SAM_1187We also love the green man on the traffic lights which was two lovers holding hands with little love hearts.

There were lots of references to Mozart throughout the city including a statue complete with flowers in the shape of a treble clef!


By the time we made it back to the van it was so warm and we couldn’t cool the van down quick enough, so we decided to take it for a drive. This then turned into is deciding that we would drive onto our next stop which was a little lake about half an hour away from Innsbruck and we thought it would be another refreshing stop. It was also another free parking place.

About 10 minutes out we watched the thunderstorm coming towards us. As we pulled into the city there were lots of people milling about which we just put down to it being a Friday night. After parking suddenly the whole place was full of fireworks and incredible echoes as the mountains surrounding the lake basically didn’t allow the sound to escape. It was a pretty strange experience as the storm was still coming towards us, so the wind outside while watching the fireworks was practically lifting me off my feet. We have a short video so you can hear the echo.

The fireworks finished and we jumped back into the van as the heavens opened and we watched the lighting light up the mountains instead.

Day 51 – Traunsee, Ebensee Lake
The following morning it had all calmed down a little and we spent the day sitting by the lake.


While making lunch back at the van we were approached by the old guy who’s basically travelled the world living in his van for the last 50 years. He spent 25 years working in Australia and now receives his pension which is enabling him to travel full time. He was hilarious and told us lots of stories about loads of different places. His next stop is moving to South America as he’s had enough of the technology and lifestyle in Europe and fancies a change. It also much cheaper so he’ll get more for his pension. He’s currently working out the best way to ship his van over there.

After lunch we sorted out the van and refreshed everything so allow us to stay out of campsites for a little bit longer. We spent the rest of the day chilling by the lake.

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