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11 Replies to “What to Wear in Iceland in the Winter”

  1. You got ice in your eyelashes! Wow! It must be really that cold. I don’t do well in the cold weather but I am not going to let it stop me from going if I ever get a chance to go to Iceland. At least now I know what to wear, I honestly don’t think so much of these things because I live in a tropical country so when I went to Taiwan (14 degrees Celcius and I was already freezing), I was ill-prepared. Now I know that it’s not about just layering clothes, but to actually pick the right clothes to layer.

    1. Driving through the snow on a snowmobile make my eyes water which just instantly froze!
      I’m not good with the cold either, I spent the week waddling around because I wore that many layers.

  2. Reading through this just made me think of the wardrobe I had when I lived in Queenstown in New Zealand for winter. Pretty much everything was thermal, and the rest was my snowboarding gear. I do love just having layers and layers of clothes and feeling snug under it. As cold as it got in NZ I’m sure Iceland gets so much colder, still need to experience it 😀

    1. I had so many layers on! I didn’t realise it was possible to wear so many layers! Most days I wore two sets of thermals just to make sure I was warm. My snow boots were amazing though.

  3. I love winters but extreme winters like that in Iceland are tough to fathom. I think the most relieving part about the entire post was the swimwear and the hot springs. I would love to swim in such weather, I think the initial steps would be difficult but the experience would be unforgettable.

    1. It was so bizarre! It was 0 degrees and I was outside in swimwear while it was snowing in a natural hot spring! The initial steps were definitely the worst.

  4. Oh my, you had snow on your lashes too ! I just can’t get over it . BTW, loved your Ninja look. Some great practical tips here to stay warm in sub zero temperature :). Would love visiting Iceland soon.

    1. It was snowing while we snowmobiled and the snow just collected on me! It was pretty cool! Ninja is the way to go.

  5. I love winter cloths. Mine are so comfortable, I would wear them through all year. Iceland in winter would be a nice trip for me 🙂

    1. Not a big fan of winter. It was fun for a holiday but the thought of doing it every year was a bit much!

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