Europe Road Trip in a Motorhome – Where to go.

We’re have just arrived in Vannes (23/08) and are going to explore tomorrow. Then in the evening we’re moving on to Tisha’s farm to play with some cows. Wednesday morning we get on the ferry.

Where are we now 7


Only a few more stops left. Then it’s home time!Where are we now 6

It’s getting very close to home time which is a bit sad. We’re just cruising along the south coast of France and will be home in exactly two weeks time! Where are we now 5


Italy is beautiful and treating us well! We’re just about to leave Ravenna and drive into San Marino. Then we’ll head back into Italy further West.

Where are we now 4

We’re finally out of Austria having got distracted by all the beautiful lakes! Next up is Lake Garda in Italy. Only three more countries to go.

Where are we now 3

We are now in pretty little Slovenia, where we’ve spent the day in Kočevje, tomorrow we’re going on to Ljubljana followed by Lake Bled.

10 countries in, 3,700 miles down.Where are we now 2

I’ve decided to add a map so you can see exactly where we are and where we’ve come from. We’ve covered a lot of mileage so far, mainly across Poland. One of the places which was always on our list was coming back to Croatia which is a complete detour, but we’ve no doubt it will be worth it. After this the cities we’re visiting are slightly more closer together which means more chilling and less driving!Where are we now 1