Wolfgangsee Lake, Austria. – Europe Road Trip

Day 52 – Wolfgangsee
As we had no idea where we going to stay in Salzberg which was our next stop, we headed to the nearest McDonalds to borrow their internet. This is was in a really cute little town called Bad Ischl which we also had a quick wander round and filled up our water bottles in their water fountain.




After a lot of searching we didn’t find anywhere near to Salzburg’s centre that we could definitely park so we decided to head straight to Innsbruck. We jumped back in the car, made it about 10 miles down the road and found an incredible lake called Wolfgangsee. As is the majority of Austria, it was set in the valley of the mountains and the water was crystal clear so we decided to stop. We got a parking spot right on the edge of the lake and ended up spending the next two days there.


The water was lovely and it was quite secluded. It was also pretty cool having the van right on the edge of the lake allowing us to leave all the windows open all day to keep the van nice and cool.

We tested out our new wet shoes and decided that they were the best things we’ve bought so far. The small things in life keep us happy! While in the water I attracted a little fish friend who followed me around for about half an hour! Every time I moved it would swim back to me which was pretty funny! Jack got bit in the armpit and leg by red ants. He didn’t find them following him round as funny…27-IMG_4546


Directly in front of our van was a motorhome sign that said no parking between 8pm and 6am. As we hadn’t looked up anywhere we could park nearby and didn’t want to pay for a campsite I went and spoke to the German couple in a motorhome just down from us. Despite the signs they said they’d been there for two days already and were planning on staying again that night. They’d tried all the campsites nearby and they were all full, including the one asking for €43 a night! They said a number of campers had strayed there both nights and that no one had come by to move them off. As it was Sunday night we decided to risk it. Sure enough, we were one of 4 motorhomes to sleep there.


Day 53 – Wolfgangsee

The following morning we popped down to the Aldi we’d passed the day before, or Hofer as it’s named in Austria, before heading back to our spot by the edge of the lake.

We spent the rest of the day in and out of the water and chilling outside the van. It was a beautiful location and we didn’t actually want to leave!


We thought we wouldn’t risk a second night so drove slightly closer to Innsbruck to another cheap spot. This also happened to make us cross back into a part of Germany. We could stay here for two nights for €5 and as it was in the National Park we thought we’d also spend the next day getting up into one of the mountains as we hadn’t done that yet.

When we arrived we had a little wander through the little section of shops and restaurants round to the little lake. It was very peaceful and all decorated like old Germany. At the tourist information we grabbed a map that showed all the different hiking routes and we went back to the van to plan our route.29-IMG_455328-IMG_4551

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